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I started my career in 1970 as an image salesman in a famous store in the city of Caen. A little later, in 1974 I joined the team of Studio Bernard Chéreau still in Caen . The exhibitions are frequent, and this is how I meet many renowned photographers and discover with them:


In September 1976, I set up my own studio in Argences where I began my career as a photographer. For many years the store on Rue Lecomte oscillated between selling photo equipment and amateur cinema and shooting portraits and weddings. My growing passion for portraiture makes me remove the sales department to devote myself entirely to:


My constantly objective look at the quality and creativity of my work forces me to study relentlessly the new techniques of image combined with traditional photography. Under the impetus and sponsorship of a colleague whom I consider my Master, I am running for the Best Worker of France competition where I am recognized as such by the jury. However I do not take this distinction as an achievement, it is for me the beginning of a career serving the requirement of my clients.


Today, at the retirement of this long career where I had the pleasure of training three apprentices, all of whom graduated and one of whom participated in the competition of the Best Apprentices of France.

I sold my studio to a young photographer whom I had helped in the past to learn photography and open his studio.

Today I continue to deal with several associations of amateur photographers where I pass on my knowledge, and with the members whose members I continue to work on photography in leisure.

I have also created a self-employed company to offer my services to other photographers during further activity and I continue to draw and expand for their accounts.

I also give introductory courses to individuals in the field of shooting and retouching on computer software. I think that photography in all its forms will remain for me a passion present for many years to come.

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